A person's a person,

no matter how small.

Dr. Seuss

More about Who-ville

I meant what I said,

and I said what I meant.

An elephant's faithful,one hundred percent!

What we offer

Welcome to Who-ville

Starting with the new school year in our kindergarten

Active Learning

We set high standards and challenge ourselves daily to learn more and to be better than yesterday

Exciting Classes

We make learning fun and we have fun while learning. The best part of the day is all day!

Professional Teachers

Our professional teachers lay the foundation for your child's learning career while also giving them enough time and space to still be a kid


Kindergarten School

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Latest News

Stay up to date with the latest news from Who-ville. Remember, a person's is a person, no matter how small.

Information and supplies

A very warm welcome to Who-ville baba- en kleutersorg (Daycare)! We hope that you will be very happy at our daycare. Please feel free to discuss anything at any time with me. This article contains al the information that you will need for the school.

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