Information and supplies

Dear Parents

A very warm welcome to Who-ville baba- en kleutersorg (Daycare)!

We hope that you will be very happy at our daycare. Please feel free to discuss anything at any time with me. This article contains al the information that you will need for the school.

Payment: Banking Details:

Bank:   FNB
Branch number:  250053
Name:   Who ville baba en kleutersorg
Account number:   62555204462
Reference:   Your child’s name and the month, for example, Name January.

You can sms your proof of payment to 082 386 4352, or you can print it out and hand it in at the school.

If you do indeed need to pay in cash you can only pay it personally to me, Emmerentia Kruger. You will receive a receipt as proof of payment. Please do not put the cash in your child’s bag.


- R120 annual registration fee (non refundable)

- R1 320 school fees per month for full day children.

- R1 050 school fees per month for children only staying for half day.

- R60 daily fee per child.

The fees include the following:

- Breakfast (Between 08:00 and 08:30)

- Lunch (Between 12:00 and 12:30)

- Filtered water and cold drinks.

- Snacks - Something to nibble on (15:00 for full day children)

- All baking projects.

- The school programme.

Parents must please supply the following:

On a Daily basis:

- Snacks for 10:00 (please try to avoid sweet)

On a Monthly basis:

- 1 Box Long Life Milk.

- 1 Pack wet wipes (for children still in diapers).

- 1 Bottle Dettol.

- 1 Bottle of bumcream (for children still in diapers).

On a Quarterly basis:

- 1 Box tissues.

All parents must also supply the following:

- 1 Facecloth

- 1 Mattress

- 1 Blanket

- 1 Pillow

What must be included in your child’s bag?

Babies and children still in the process of potty training:

- 2 Extra sets of clothes

- Extra sets of underwear

- Babies must have enough diapers for the whole day. Not less than 5

- 1 Bottle sunscreen

- 1 Bottle of Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)

- Sufficient amount of bottles

- Milk powder (for children still drinking formula milk drinks)

For Children who are already potty trained:

- 2 Extra sets of clothes

- Extra set of underwear

- Babies must have enough diapers for the whole day. Not less than 5

- 1 Bottle sunscreen

- 1 Bottle of Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)

Other important information:

- The school is open Mondays to Fridays from 07:00 to 17:30.

- Breakfast will be served strictly between 08:00 and 08:30.

- If your child arrives at the daycare after 08:30 he/she must already have had breakfast at home.

- The school programme starts at 08:30.

- Please mark all your child’s clothing, shoes, lunchboxes as well as precious items in order to avoid a mix-up.

- Please do not send your child to school with expensive jewellery or important inherited items. The school can’t take responsibility to keep items like these safe.

- Please don’t bring any personal toys to school. It creates animosity between children and leads to fighting and on top of that it leads their attention away from important school work.

- Who-ville will be closed on all public holidays.

- Please take note of the list of dates that Who-ville will be closed. It is attached to the letter which you can find in your child’s book.

- Who-ville is closed over the December holidays, the same as public schools over the festive holidays.

If there is any new information or changes that need to be made I will inform you in writing.

Yours Sincerely,

Emmerentia Kruger

082 386 4352