Internal Activities

As presented by Who-ville

We at Who-ville care about your child’s education therefore we have classes handling a lot of themes such as different shapes, colours, fruit and veggies. In addition we teach them about their body and bodily functions, different animals such as farm animals and wild animals as well lessons regarding extinct animals like dinosaurs with life lessons such as road signs and flags of countries of the world to give them an unmatched exposure to life in general at an early age.

External activities

As presented by external parties

Besides the internal activities there are a lot of external activities available which is not included in the monthly packages. Parents can have their child also participate in activities provided by Monkeynastix, Rinico Computer Kids, Scuola di Cucina – School of Food chef classes, Kinderkinetika and Ballet Beautiful, which are hosted on the premises at Who-ville.

The Daily Programme


Our daily program is filled with educational and fun activities.


Our day begins with the welcoming of all the children, or Who’s at Who-ville.
We have breakfast



Bible lesson
Who-ville educational class



Art class and ending the first part of the day with a morning snacks and playtime both inside in the playroom and outside in the play-area.
The second part of the day includes sleep time

12:30 - 14:30


More playtime, tidying up and an afternoon snack
Parents starting to collect their kids

16:30 -17:30

The daily program explained:

Food for thought

Nutrition makes up an integral part of our daily activities to make sure they have enough brain and muscle power for they day’s packed program. We serve five different breakfasts namely Mealiepap, Maltabella, Oats, Krummelpap as well as box meals only on fun days. Morning snacks are provided by parents that can range from snacks to sandwiches and yoghurt. Lunchtime we serve cooked meals with different kinds of meat rotating day after day which is served together with fruit, veggies and starch. An afternoon snack like yoghurt, apple, sandwich, chips or cookies round things of before the kids return home.

Christian centre

We at Who-ville pride ourselves that we are a Christian orientated school teaching Christian values to the kids. We have Bible classes each and every day where we reach scriptures to the children with a Bible lesson. We teach the kids to pray for our daily bread and it is our belief that it adds a lot of value to the whole package we provide.

School work

The school work consists of a whole array of subjects such as mathematics and language classes, writing skills activities. Fine and gross motor skills are also more skills they learn rounded off by the art of cutting different shapes and sizes.

Art classes

Art makes up a huge part of our classes where the kids get the chance to express themselves with numerous arty classes including painting, freehand drawings, colouring classes as well as construction activities.

Fun days

They saying go: “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Here at Who-ville Baba- en Kleutersorg fun days are held on Fridays which includes dress-ups or picnic days. The school year is also scattered with theme driven days like Valentine’s Day, Heritage day, Spring Day or Casual Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, to name but a few where kids learn more about the meaning of such days. In addition the kids also host their birthday parties at the school creating a lot of fun for all at Who-ville.

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